Writer for Fringe-Music. Original Poetry and Prose located here. If you have a music act of any kind in the Seattle Area, please message me a link to your page.

  1. Fashion and Filth

    I wear yesterday’s clothes, radiating the scent of the beer I drank the night before and stale cigarette smoke, sweat now in between the fibers of my plain black t-shirt, bandanna around my neck with grease stains. I wear yesterday’s clothes and head to the convenience store looking for food, un-showered without the desire to touch soap. I wear yesterday’s clothes and the pretty girl behind the counter still flirts with me. I haven’t shaved in 4 months and I still suck face in a dark room later that day. Save up your pheromones friends. Dig through the dumpsters and thrift stores only as necessary. Hike often and wear the scent on your skin. Let it sink into your clothes and attract the right kind of people. I wear yesterdays clothes.